The Norwegian painter, Hans-Olav Ottersen, lives and has spent several decades in the Italian city of Assisi with his wife and children. He has now an atelier/studio that is especially suited for portrait painting.

He is both a spiritual and sporty man, who loves nature and outdoor life. In his youth, he devoted himself to the acknowledge of physics, and had an intuitive understanding of the laws of nature and the geometric structures in the universe. This interest has besides his artistic life, led to numerous innovations and a creative solution in the engineering industry, particularly noteworthy is the wave energy project. His paintings are reflections of this experience. Hans-Olav always paint nature directly, “in plain aire”, in order to open himself in an objective and contemplative way, to the life created by God. The Umbrian landscapes with open spaces, lines and forms in harmony, and mystic light, express the infinite in concrete particular space and the eternal in the present.

He is attend upon the handcraft in art and has reconstructed and developed the oil-techniques of Rembrandt, so as to be freer in its own personal expressions. In paintings like “Spring, an appletree in blossom”, Hans-Olav portrays the life of one individual tree and its realization, simultaneously he express the universal hope of bearing fruit, and even a taste of apple. The branches in blossom contain the geometry of a galaxy, and a thanksgiving.

Gianluigi Fontana
presented him like this in 1984:

“Good! I believe to be returned back in time, the works of Hans-Olav, have no needs of presentations, much less of critic, rather just to be admired for a long time, as one does when we are going to the museums. Well, we will find everything that has been missing to our eyes for many years, the pure reality, the creativity, the delicacy of a palette recordated only by known critics and contemporary masters.”

Contact: Hans-Olav Ottersen on email or phone, (+39) 342 3284 408